Halitosis – myths and facts

Published: 04th October 2010
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Having problems with bad breath? It is called halitosis (Dårlig ånde) in the medical world. It is a common experience that everybody can face anytime. Most people that experience this sometimes will not notice they have bad breath. It is very embarrassing to feel that you have bad breath. This can make you feel uncomfortable with other people that will lead you to low self esteem when you are with many people.

  • Bad breath or halitosis is because of bacteria that grow in the mouth. The bacteria can multiply inside the mouth when you do not brush your teeth especially after meals. Because of these incidents many experts came up with many treatments and most of them are just temporary solutions you can have. Most of the medical solutions in the market are inadequate to use. Common solutions that are in the market are mints, gums, mouth sprays and mouthwashes. The will only give temporary treatments to bad breath.

  • Because of the problem there are many facts and myth you can state if you have halitosis. Bad breath is also called as fetor ex ore. There are medical and social significances if you are suffering from halitosis. The fact is that the condition is from bacteria that are stored in the mouth. Malodor is basically depends on the different cases experience. Before this condition is not given the right attention until many recent conditions that is associated with halitosis. Because halitosis (Dårlig ånde) has a very big effect on your social relationship with others it is very important to know if you have it or not. Many experts made several test to measure the degree of the condition in the mouth. Some will experience halitosis because of medical conditions that is underlying in the body. It is advisable and recommended to visit your dentist regularly, so that you will proper medications and treatments for your conditions. Another fact is that mouth wash and gum can cover bad breath temporarily.

  • It is basically a fact that you need to brush your teeth thirty to forty five seconds and you should clean your mouth, at least three times a day. Always remember to brush your tongue especially at the back of your tongue. Regular floss can also help prevent bad breath. It is always difficult to say who has halitosis until you will visit your dentist or physician for assistance in knowing your condition.

  • One myth that is connected with halitosis states that gum and mouthwash will cure halitosis. They also say that you will not have a bad breath it you brush your teeth. Some will also say that is you try to breathe in your hand, you will know if you have bad breath. These myths that people believe are not true. They say that halitosis comes from the stomach, lungs, and other hereditary problems in the body. Some also say that there is no treatment for halitosis.

These are some facts and myths of halitosis known to most. If you are really concern bout bad breath go to your dentist immediately.

If you want to know more about halitosis, or bad breath, find out more in this site or here

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