History of the Ray Ban Wayfarer

Published: 03rd November 2010
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Ray Ban Wayfarer was manufactured way back 1952. It’s one of Ray Ban’s famous designs that have been tested through time and up until now a huge success to the eyewear industry. Wayfarer became a huge success within the 1950s and the 60s. But its peak was during the middle of 2000s The product was popular during 1950s and 1960sThe main purpose of why Wayfarer was manufactured, it was particulary intended to be used by the pilots. Instead of having that strange looking huge looking that covers the eyes of the wearer, Wayfarer was more of a sleeker look perfect for a pilot.

  • Wayfarer is dubbed as a classic modern design right in the 20th century.

  • The very person who designed Wayfarer? He came by the name of Raymond Stegeman. Under his sleeves he had created patents for the famous Bausch and Lomb. Critics had even made a review about this product that gave out a distinctive and unique look which was never seen before. To top it all, Wayfarer did gave out a more masculine look for the wearer. The transition from the use of metal frames to the technology known as plastic molding brought a new breed of sunglasses. All through out Wayfarer’s existence, it had undergone a lot of evolution from different colors, styles and sizes which was a product of the different fashion trends. This made Wayfarer the perfect pair to wear. No wonder it became a huge success for Ray Ban. It was in the 70s, when Wayfarer met its downfall. Ray Ban was in the brink of discontinuing the production of such model of sunglasses despite of the huge success it garnered from its launch.

  • It was through the movie "ET" that the companies start to have sprung up due to Reese’s Pieces’ debut or appearance. The incredible success of Reese's Pieces' appearance in a movie caused product placement companies to start springing up. Plus, Tom Cruise has used Wayfarer in the movie entitled "Risky Business". With all the promotional stunts, and other marketing strategies, Wayfarer is back in action!

  • The newfound popularity among celebrities and a surging interest in retro fashion promoted bye the company to re-release the original style of the model. In fact, the original style was the centerpiece of its 2007 spring and summer collection.

To date, Wayfarer made its appearance on the silver screen for about more than 300 times and garnered rave reviews by critics alike. No wonder it became the sought after Ray Ban sunglasses by celebrities and other elite individuals. Truly, it is a remarkable piece of art from Ray Ban that has been there for quite a long time and yet up until now still famous and have been the choice of a lot of people.

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